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For your convenience, we have created a live, on-line training video to help you feel comfortable in using the iCup Drug properly. This product demonstration will also introduce you to the many superior features of the iCup Drug Screen to help you evaluate its potential application in your organization.

Viewing BioScan's Rapid Drug Screen Training Video, requires that you have a RealOne Player installed on your computer. If you do not have a Real Player, you may download a free copy from Real Networks now. Having a RealOne Player installed on your system will allow you to enjoy a multitude of informative and entertaining multimedia content from a wide variety of sources outside its application on our web site.

When you press the link to begin viewing, your RealOne Player will launch and the video will begin playing inside the RealOne Player window. The Rapid Drug Screen training video is approximately 7 minutes and 14 seconds in length. Depending on the speed of your internet connection and network congestion, it may require a little patience while the video downloads from our network. Once the download is complete you should be able to view the video in its entirety without interuption. Thank you for your interest in BioScan's Rapid Drug and Alcohol Screening products. We look forward to assisting you. Click Here to View the Rapid Drug Screen Training Video Now.

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